Heather VanSaint- An LGBT artist to look out for

It’s on a regular basis that I receive messages from up-and-coming artists asking me to check out their tracks. Being the rather useless person that I am, I tend to just brush these messages aside, but when I received a message from singer-songwriter Heather VanSaint something told me that she was worth listening to. With a desperate need for more LGBT artists in the mainstream, VanSaint is a prime example of someone deserving of a break. Her songwriting in particular is raw, honest and relatable. A prime example being her latest single F*ck Boi King which focuses on her passionately defending rumors of sleeping around. I spoke to Heather about her love of music, her inspirations and her hopes for the future:

How long have you known that a career in music was the thing for you?

I’ve always wanted a career in music. For me music is everything, it’s sublime communication. For me, in the very beginning, there was just this enormous satisfaction that came from the physical act of projecting a noise from the back of my throat. I guess its like a primal thing. Then when I was very young I guess I just fell in love with various bands and artists, started learning their songs on guitar and keys and figured out a way of writing my own. I just love the whole idea of getting a group of people together in a room and then telling them an idea or thought you had through words and music.

What does music mean to you?

Wow. So much. There’s the whole escapism element to it that I guess I first became aware of through singer-songwriters like Dylan, Neil Young, Jackson Browne. Song-writers who create these evocative cinematic images through their words. I remember as a young kid feeling like I was falling down a rabbit hole into this whole new world. But then as time moves on you come to recognise that music is like this reassurance. Artists letting you know that what ever you’re feeling has been felt before and you’re not on your own in this cosmic daydream. It’s a companion, a fellow traveller on life’s curiosity circuit.

What was the inspiration for your latest single F*ck Boi King and what message do you hope that people take away from it?

F*ck Boi King came about because I was trying to let someone know that I wasn’t the type of person that was going to mess them about. That rumours about me weren’t true I guess. I was trying to sell them an idea of what things could be like if they just trusted me, then I got a bit carried away and started having all these deep thoughts about life and shit. Ended up in an existential crisis by the time I got to the middle 8, haha. I hope people can relate. I hope the person it’s intended for might get it.

What are your main hopes and aspirations for the future regarding your music?

I’d like to play some festivals this summer and hopefully start touring soon and just grow my audience I guess. I want more people to hear what I’ve got to say.


You can view the video for F*ck Boi King here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnAjrUjXb7c

You can access VanSaint’s soundcloud here- https://soundcloud.com/heather-vansaint

You can also find her on twitter @HeatherVansaint and on Facebook @HeatherVanSaintMusic






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