Introducing myself!

It’s actually a bit awkward to know where to begin isn’t it?

As you’ve probably gathered by this point, my name is Emily, I’m 21 years old and I’m extremely, extremely gay! As of September I’ve been living in London studying film in the hopes of one day becoming a stage/screen writer. Most of my work is influenced by my experiences of living as an LGBT person with mental health struggles. As a vegetarian and wannabe vegan, I also draw a lot of inspiration from my passion for animal rights. Aside from all that serious stuff I’m also a huge musical theatre fan, science fiction geek and avid tweeter of pretty much every weird and wonderful moment that my life entails.

Some of you might be wondering why it is that I’ve decided to create this blog. 1) I think it’s going to be hugely useful in helping me to develop my voice as an aspiring writer. 2) I can be a bit hasty in giving up on things if I don’t deem them to be absolutely brilliantly perfect. This has been the case with many a blog, so this one is here to stay no matter how mundane it gets or how much it makes me cringe. 3) I can be quite a quiet person in that terrible place we call the real world, so this is going to be my chance to share my thoughts and feelings, without the crippling social anxiety of actually opening my mouth!

So, what can you expect from this blog over the coming months? I’m already full of ideas for things I’d like to post, though hopefully spontaneous happenings in my life will also inspire some unplanned things! So far on the agenda is a post on the ins and outs of living with health anxiety, my coming out story and my thoughts on the representation of lesbian and bisexual women in modern media. If my stagey side takes over, I may also throw in a West End theatre review here and there!

Look out for my first proper post sometime within the next week! Finally, take note of the link to the Switchboard website at the top of my blog. If you’re ever struggling with any LGBT issues and feel as if you have nowhere to turn, Switchboard is an incredible helpline that is reachable by phone 10am-10pm every single day. Additionally, I also care deeply about the welfare of fellow young LGBT people and I will always be available on twitter to listen and attempt to say things that are useful! If you wish to follow me, my username is @emkirsten. Until next time, thanks for reading and feel free to send me your thoughts on my writing style or topics you would like to see me cover in future posts!





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